Where to Find WiFi


Even in retirement, it’s likely that you still crave a little productivity in your life. It’s hard to adjust to having a lot more time on your hands than you are used to, and you might feel as though you are not doing enough. Rather than researching Medicare supplement plans over and over again, stay productive with these great tools.

If you have a laptop you basically have all of the equipment you need in order to be productive. Even if you don’t have the internet at home, or if you just want to get out of the house once in a while, WiFi is an incredibly helpful tool. WiFi gives you access to the internet for little to no money at all by connecting your laptop to an internet hotspot. You can find WiFi in a number of locations throughout your area, most of which are free, and some of them you probably had no idea existed.

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Coffee shops are hands down the easiest places to find WiFi, and they are probably the most consistent place to find it regardless of where you are or travel to. Starbucks, for example, offers free WiFi and usually has plenty of tables to sit at. Many other coffee shops also do this, some may ask that you pay for access to it, or that you first buy something from them to get a passcode to their WiFi, but most of them at least do have WiFi in some form or another. This is probably the cheapest WiFi you’ll find, since most places you can get a coffee or tea for little more than a dollar. Since they are typically free and open to the public, however, you may find the internet is a little bit slower compared to what you are used to at home, because of the number of people that are probably using it all at the same time.


Sometimes the city itself will have WiFi hotspots in public areas and green spaces that it wants people to hang out in. More and more public parks are being outfitted with WiFi so people can enjoy the park and some time outside in the beautiful weather, and typically this access is also free of charge. If you have a cable provider and internet through them, many times they also install WiFi hotspots throughout major cities that you can use with your account login information. That way only people with accounts can use them and the internet access is likely not very bogged down with people using it.